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Why engagement in the utility sector still needs to be at the heart of business planning

Why engagement in the utility sector still needs to be at the heart of business planning

In other circumstances regulators Ofwat and Ofgem have directed utility organisations to put customers at the heart of their strategy and to actively engage and involve customers in the running of their business. There are no signs that this expectation is changing and nor should it. Understanding your customer needs in these times of uncertainty is equally important in our new world, if not more so.

This experience is changing us all as individuals, the way we live, the way we think and certainly our priorities going forward. The impact will be lasting and shape our behaviour and expectations for years to come.

Utility organisations underpin their business plans with evidence of customer priorities and the majority will have reems of evidence of what customers care about most. But what do customers care about now? And what will they care about when all of this is over? Triangulating these insights with what is already known is key to ensuring utility companies understand and work with our changing world.

But how do we make this happen? Face to face journey mapping, deliberative and co-creation workshops that have been favoured in the past are clearly out of bounds, however there are many remote engagement solutions that will continue to enable companies to maintain strong customer involvement.

Explain’s solutions cover all bases and budgets, ranging from digital qualitative methods like our online communities, online focus groups and mobile ethnography, to quantitative approaches including bespoke digital tools, and more traditional CATI or online surveys.

In our latest blog 'Ofwat and Ofgem - A view from the regulators' we share insight into the current thinking of the regulators and their areas of focus during this time. 

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