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What is the Voice of your Customer?

What is the Voice of your Customer?

In the first two months of 2020 we have seen a spike in organisations looking to understand how to implement effective and action led voice of the customer (VoC) research programmes.

In this short blog we wanted to share the top questions to ask when designing a VoC research programme and to share our experience of what makes it best in class to ensure it is delivering the insight you need to build strong customer experiences.

  1. VoC audit - what do you already know? What insights is your team or the wider business capturing already through existing surveys, complaints data, social media comments or your online community and is there any duplication? Do you know where the gaps are?
  2. Who are your customers? Internally engaging with key stakeholders across multiple teams is paramount. Is the VoC programme aligned to your overall business strategy? Who are your customers and what are their touch points with you as an organisation?
  3. Have you thought of the design? Are you clear on the segmentation of your customer base? The research programme may need to be a mixed methodology approach to meet the needs of all your customers and it should be designed to be scalable.
  4. How will you listen? How do your customers want to engage with you, are you providing the channels to allow them to engage to drive higher response rates that lead to greater and richer insight?
  5. What will the results tell you? What will the analysis of results tell you? How will you interpret and share the analysis throughout the business? What is the story in the data and how do you translate it into action led results? How do you get the business bought into the programme, are key decision makers involved from the outset?
  6. Is the Insight actionable? You have invested the time, designed the research, listened to customers and interpreted the results, but now what? How will you translate the VoC programme into action within your organisation? Are you resolving organisational challenges or driving strategic change? Are you improving the customer experience?

In our experience, which spans over 25 years, the characteristic of a successful, best in class VoC research programme includes:

  • A combination of maximising the value of existing insight as well as implementation of multi-channel research programmes. Our programmes begin with a research audit to understand the range of data sources available and maximise the value of those, streamlining any duplication before recommending any additional channels of research which are typically multi-methodology in order to engage with customers via their channel of choice ensuring inclusion of all segments.
  • Having a clear owner; a successful VoC research programme needs a clear owner within your business; one person who can coordinate all insight and work directly with your chosen agency.
  • Buy in of all decision makers; Although the progamme needs an owner from an operational point of view, the programme must have strong buy in from across the organisation. The programme needs to deliver insight that drives change and to do that the right people need to be bought into the outputs and be willing to drive forward change.
  • Creating a customer foucssed culture; a successful VoC programme should be two-way. Customers should understand the value of their feedback and learn how this has led to change in the business to deliver better outcomes. This could be to improve customer engagement, retention or to ensure that financial business targets are met.

If you are interested to know more about how Explain can support your business to design and implement an effective voice of the customer programme, get in touch with the team on 0191 261 5261 or info@explainresearch.co.uk.