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Top North East research agency leads the way on testing new ideas

Top North East research agency leads the way on testing new ideas

Explain Market Research, research and engagement experts based in Newcastle upon Tyne, will support Northumbrian Water Group (NWG) at their annual Innovation Festival for the third consecutive year.

Taking place 8-12 July at Newcastle Racecourse, the festival takes social and environmental challenges and applies exciting problem solving techniques to tackle them. Explain will run the Customer Fan Zone, to build on their previously successful design sprint.

Kim Davis, managing director at Explain Market Research said: “During the 2018 festival, we worked alongside a range of regional, national and international businesses in collaboration with Northumbrian Water to discover what it means to be a fan, rather than a customer or follower.

“Last year, we focused on how organisations can turn customers into fans, as this is a key factor in business success, and developed a valuable engagement strategy which NWG have since embedded in their work with customers. The relationship between fans and objects of their affection is a fascinating one, and we work with brands across the UK to discover how they can engage with fans for life and create meaningful relationships with their consumers.

“This year, we will continue this theme and will run the Customer Fan Zone – designed to test new ideas as they are developed during the Innovation Festival.”

Northumbrian Water Group’s Head of Innovation Angela MacOscar said: “It’s great to have Explain back with us for Innovation Festival 19. They’re heading up our Customer Fan Zone which is brand new for this year and will add a whole new layer of engagement to the festival. They’ll be reviewing and critiquing the ideas that come out of all of the sprint tents, giving real-time and real feedback from a customers’ perspective. This is vital in order to keep the projects on track and ensure they produce results.”

Kim Davis, managing director at Explain said: “Outputs from previous festivals have been innovations in the water sector and beyond and will see benefits for the long term. We’re very excited to see what comes from Innovation Festival 2019.”

Are you looking at developing a new product or service, or simply want to improve your current offering? If you’re interested to know more about how Explain can support your business with research and engagement in the innovation space, get in touch with the team on 0191 261 5261 or info@explainresearch.co.uk.