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The power of employee engagement

The power of employee engagement

The Covid-19 global pandemic and economic uncertainty has created unprecedented disruption to our work habits, personal and professional lives. The impact is generational and effects every strand of our work force. In March as individuals, we had not experienced, nor built the resilience or tool kit to deal with the change we had to face and the restructuring of our day to day lives.

As restrictions begin to lift, businesses will be looking at their own strategy for the future, be that returning to ‘the office’ or continuing to ‘work from home’ – one thing that is clear and is commonly accepted, is that the way we work has changed forever.

A business that manages this change, effectively engaging with its employees, will emerge as a more resilient and thriving organisation.

Explain has over 20 years’ experience of working with organisations to support their employee engagement strategy, providing solutions which lead to insight, which in turn delivers action.

In our experience, during this time of change, an engagement strategy with employees is necessary to help them to better navigate the situation and to keep them connected, in this blog we share some examples we have used with our own Explain team during lockdown: 

  1. Communicate, communicate, communicate; continually look for opportunities to communicate with your team, from regular updates to sharing new business wins and successes, but your concerns and challenges – we are all in the same boat
  2. Listen to what they tell you; communication is key, but we must also hear what our teams have to say. We should be probing and asking questions on how they feel and what the future should look like, most importantly any ideas they have on making it better than it was before
  3. Create innovative engagement activities; by creating virtual social activities, e.g. a daily step challenge, virtual happy hours, coffee chats, you can offer relief and build morale
  4. Make the most of technology; we have all be thrown into utilising technology, using new channels, and exploring new tools. There is benefit in this which we can all take forward
  5. Realign strategic goals and clarify personal objectives with your team; you may have revised your organisations short- and medium-term goals in light of Covid-19, so be sure to share these new objectives with employees
  6. Online engagement – bring your work ‘community’ online. We have our own Explain online community (an online community is a method of social and digital engagement; it offers a branded members-only online space in which to directly engage ‘in the moment’ with a desired audience, in this instance our own team) it has been incredibly valuable to us in creating a two way conversation with our team
  7. Measure engagement using surveys; run regular surveys with employees asking them to rate their mental health or make you aware of their concerns

There has never been more of a need for effective and meaningful employee engagement. Any business, of any size and scale, needs to place engagement at the top of the agenda. In the coming weeks and months, if you get it right, you will drive higher engagement and alignment which in turn will lead to greater productivity, customer loyalty and employee retention.

At Explain we have vast experience of working with the NHS, private businesses, and government agencies to design employee engagement strategies that in turn deliver insight. We have a number of solutions to support you to manage change, for more information please contact holly.shiel-redfern@explainresearch.co.uk directly or call us on 0191 261 5621 to discuss your needs.