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Research and engagement - opportunity in change

Research and engagement - opportunity in change

As Covid restrictions continue to be enforced across the UK, physical face to face engagement with your target audience(s) is not currently possible. However, that doesn’t mean you need to press pause on your research activity. In fact, we think the opposite, there has never been more of a need to meaningfully engage. With this in mind we have created a solutions toolkit to support you in understanding the options and opportunities available to you.

The team at Explain continue to deliver valuable insight to support our clients, and there are a whole host of options open to those ambitious to try something which is potentially new for them and demonstrates an innovative approach to research and engagement.

We have over 25 years’ experience of finding solutions to deliver insightful and actionable research and engagement, over the coming weeks we will continue to deliver projects for our clients using a range of solutions. 

For more information on how research and engagement can support your business during this time please download our solutions toolkit or contact the team directly at holly.shiel-redfern@explainresearch.co.uk or 0191 2615261 for a informal chat.