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Online Communities: building an engagement tool for now and the future

Online Communities: building an engagement tool for now and the future

Are there gaps in your research and engagement programme due to the lack of face to face engagement? Are you confident you are engaging with your customers, stakeholders and your own teams effectively?

Whether it’s due to Covid-19 or just the way our world is changing and evolving, we should recognise that individuals’ needs have evolved, and many have taken a significant leap into the ‘online’ world.

When physical face to face engagement with your target audience isn’t an option, the obvious answer is to move it online – and Explain’s online community platform offers an adaptable affordable solution.

So, what is an online community? An online community in its simplest form is a method of social and digital engagement; it offers a branded members-only online space in which to directly engage ‘in the moment’ with a desired audience – your customers, stakeholders, or employees. Along with the build of each community, Explain provides an ongoing management and moderation service which sees users encouraged to actively participate in the familiar digital environment, sparking qualitative two way conversation – which is vital for any engagement programme.

Explain are industry experts in digital research and engagement solutions, in May this year they virtually brought together ten organisations, who were also online community clients to collaborate and share statistics, case studies and draw together best practice principles to explore the perfect ingredients to make an online community a success. In a commitment to share their knowledge and experience, Explain have created a blueprint from the event, which is accessible to all, for free by following the link Online Community white paper

If you currently have an online community and would like to up skill on areas such as recruitment, content creation, KPI’s, moderation and rewards then Explain’s white paper has a depth of experience and key take away points that you can directly translate to your own online community.

If you are interested in launching an online community then Explain’s blueprint will provide you with the foundations to understand why an online community will support your research and engagement programme and deliver cost effective insight.

We also have a video interview with Rebecca Crinson, Research Director at Explain discussing the key parts of the white paper and her top tips. 

The paper is free to download by following the link  Online Community white paper, if you have any questions or would like to arrange a 1:1 conversation to explore how an online communities will support your organisation please contact Holly Shiel-Redfern at holly.shiel-redfern@explainresearch.co.uk