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Online Communities platform – Opportunity for new software supplier

Online Communities platform – Opportunity for new software supplier

Originally developed in 2010 Explain’s innovative online community platform has continuously been developed and upgraded to better meet the needs of clients and end users. Looking ahead in 2020 Explain is looking to appoint a new software house or developer to manage the existing platform and support with ongoing development.

Organisations in a range of sectors, including utilities, healthcare and manufacturing, have chosen Explain’s platform as it provides a unique and extremely cost-effective method of research and engagement to suit any budget.

An online community, in the simplest form is a form of social and digital engagement, sometimes referred to as an online panel; they offer a bespoke members-only digital space in which to directly engage ‘in the moment’ with a desired audience – for example, customers, stakeholders, or internal staff. Communities are currently being used to monitor perceptions of customer service, develop new products, and engage with vulnerable and ‘hard to reach’ groups. 

Explain’s online communities range in scale and scope, each community is individually designed to deliver the needs of clients, Explain currently host and manage communities ranging from bespoke projects with 50 members, running for a limited time to deliver immediate insights, to long term strategic models with thousands of members, that will run over a number of years as an engagement tool.

Kim Davis, Managing Director, said “It is a fantastic opportunity to work with a new supplier on the ongoing and continual development of our community platform. Online communities are a core part of our business offering to both existing and new clients, and we are focussed on ensuring we continue to evolve and improve our offering.”

The PQQ, which can be downloaded below outlines the process Explain will follow - leading to the appointment of a new supplier. For more information please contact Jeni Lagan on jeni@explainresearch.co.uk

The PQQ is availble to download below. 

Pre-qualification Questionnaire