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Local collaboration uncovers insight into support for Tynemouth Outdoor Pool regeneration

Local collaboration uncovers insight into support for Tynemouth Outdoor Pool regeneration

North East-based research agency Explain Market Research has joined forces with Friends of Tynemouth Outdoor Pool, alongside Northumbria University and Northumbrian Water Group, to support the local community group in understanding public perceptions of their proposals to renovate Tynemouth outdoor pool.

The research, carried out in early summer 2019 with people local to Tynemouth and the surrounding area, has uncovered insight into awareness of plans to renovate the pool, how often they currently visit Tynemouth, and their fitness behaviours. In total, 1,870 people were engaged in Explain’s research through face to face and online surveys.

Kim Davis, Managing Director of Explain, said: “Having worked with many organisations seeking to consult with the public, in particular NHS organisations who need to be able to evidence views of any service change proposals, the Explain team is well versed in the complexities of public sector decision making.

“In this particular project, we were tasked with understanding public support for the proposals to regenerate Tynemouth outdoor pool. Our research found very high levels of support for the idea, with a majority also reporting they would be more likely to visit an outdoor heated pool to a standard indoor pool. These findings will help to shape Friends of Tynemouth Outdoor Pool’s plans and provide a boost to their business case to progress and move closer to delivery of their objectives.

“In public consultation, independence is key. We’re pleased to have supported this local cause with our research expertise and impartial ears.”

The research, delivered in collaboration with Northumbria University and Northumbrian Water Group, also gave insight into local leisure activity, fitness and swimming behaviours.

Michael Wood, Senior Lecturer and researcher in Sport Management at Northumbria University said: “Working alongside Explain to design and conduct this research into outdoor swimming behaviours and attitudes towards the restoration has been important to establish clear demand.

“Reaching an audience across the region via on-street and online gives us a robust population from which we will undertake further analysis, to be published next year. Receiving a letter of support for the restoration from British Swimming as a result of this work is testament to the integrity of the research.”

The results are also being reviewed by Sport England.

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