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Explain Market Research invests in digital innovation

Explain Market Research invests in digital innovation

EXPLAIN Market Research has announced its investment in digital innovation and development, including launching a new, online community platform to help their clients across the UK better meet the needs of their consumers.

Explain, based in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne, has always led the charge when it comes to using digital innovation to have meaningful connections with audiences. High profile clients from a wide range of sectors nationwide, including utilities, healthcare and manufacturing, have already adopted the platform; recognising its benefits in increasing customer engagement and providing meaningful insights.

The launch of the latest online community is part of the company’s wider suite of innovative solutions to research and engagement, which also includes mobile app surveys, collecting ‘in the moment’ data and insights.

Explain has also invested in a state of the art gamification tool to allow water and utility companies to obtain service valuations with higher cogitative validity to aid in business planning. This bespoke gamification method has been developed as a way of discovering how much consumers are willing to pay for certain services, specifically when it comes to utilities.

Kim Davis, managing director of Explain Market Research, “Delivering innovative insights is at the forefront of our culture and we identified that in order to remain ahead of the game we needed to develop a digital service that is continually evolving. Our online community offers a bespoke members-only digital space in which to directly engage with your desired audience, which could include customers, stakeholders, or internal staff. Communities are currently being used to monitor perceptions of customer service, develop new products, and engage with vulnerable and ‘hard to reach’ consumer groups. 

“The new gaming platform aims to understand customer preferences by asking them to trade off improvements in different areas to obtain opinion in a more holistic way. This tool is not just great for the water and utility industry but relevant to any organisation looking to prioritise investment, including the NHS.