Website user review and testing

Website user testing

How do you know if your site works for your audience? Improve online engagement with our website review and testing solution.

Website user testing is a service that we offer our customers so that they can gain great insight into how the website performs from a users point of view.

When we develop websites for our organisations we are developing them as experts in our field - however our thought patterns won't be the same as our target audience. It's very difficult to put yourself in the shoes of your customers or stakeholders so what we think is a great site - may not be fully optimised from our target users point of view - resulting in a less than positive on-line experience of your site.

How can we help? With a mix of research, web development scoping and marketing and communications expertise, we can help you develop a website or improve a current site that will be optimised fully from a users perspective rapidly improving online engagement.

Using qualitative research techniques such as focus group testing, we will recruit a representative base, develop a website exercise and then formulate discussions around their experience.

The output? Our expert moderators work with our marketing experts to analyse the feedback, define the best way forward and help you implement these changes resulting in a much improved online experience and level of engagement for your visitors.

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Sage Bellway

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