Vulnerable customer research

Vulnerable customer research

Does your offering meet the needs of customers living in vulnerable circumstances? Is your organisation perceived as inclusive? What can you do to improve your service and engagement with target consumers who are hard to reach?

Explain have a wealth of experience in conducting research with vulnerable and ‘hard to reach’ groups and have a thorough understanding of the considerations required when engaging in research often sensitive in nature.

Vulnerable customers are typically identified as those with long or short term illness or disability, as well as elderly customers and those in poverty, while hard to reach groups can include those who are in severe debt, individuals who have a drug or alcohol problems, and elderly people who live alone and lack the support of family or friends. 

Therefore, having the right approach to research of this nature is vital, and as regulators and organisations are placing more importance on engaging with these audiences, our team at Explain have become experts in delivering research programmes which provide great insight into these key groups.

Using an innovative and tailored approach, we will engage with your target groups using appropriate methodologies to deliver insights to meet your needs and inform your strategy.

Read about past research we have conducted in our case studies, including sensitive research into alcohol consumption in County Durham.

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