Trust & Confidence Evaluation

Trust & Confidence Evaluation Tool

Our evaluation tool is a solution that allows organisations to measure Trust and Confidence of their customers and non customers and benchmark themselves against their sector's performance.

Knowing the Trust and Confidence of your customer and stakeholders provides excellent insight to inform marketing, communication and engagement activities.

We have developed a powerful evaluation methodology that measures and tracks this for an organisation and the sector in which it operates.

This powerful tool enables companies to track a sector's performance in general, and how well they are performing against it which provides insight to where there are key issues so that they can be addressed.

We carried out independent research which provided the key factors to what influences "Trust and Confidence" in an organisation across four sectors.

Once we identified what the key factors were, we then carried out surveys across the UK to the general public to understand the levels of Trust and Confidence of their providers within the:

  • Water industry
  • Gas and electricity industry
  • NHS 
  • Financial services sector

We have powerful sector insight ready for organisations to access benchmark data, understanding what Trust and Confidence is by area, age, gender and socio-economic groups and across the key factors which influence the overall score of Trust and Confidence.

See our fact sheet and sample dashboard report (note this is a sample and doesn't contain real data. We formulate bespoke dashboard reports based on our clients objectives and requirements).

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Sage Bellway

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