Telephone research

Telephone research

Our busy and growing research centre of  45 employees have been through a rigorous recruitment selection and training programme which results in a high quality team to carry out all of our telephone research.

Offering both depth (qualitative) and survey based (quantitative) research; our team will ensure that the right methodologies are put in place to meet the objectives of the research.

From survey design through to final results, our team meet tight quality guidelines ensuring robust and reliable outputs from all projects. All of our calls are recorded and all data is captured within our analysis tools, allowing our project leads to carry out quality checks on any of the calls made.

Our teams work on a shift basis, so that we are able to collect data from those who are difficult to reach during specific times.

Ideal for a range of research needs such as customer feedback, telephone research is a popular research methodology to ensure specific sample types (quotas) are met.

Once all survey data is collected our highly experienced research analysts deliver the final results in an easy to understand format with recommendations included.

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Sage Bellway

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