Motorcyclist online community

Explain Market Research have recruited over 1,000 individuals with various degrees of enthusiasm for motorcycles, meaning valuable insight to organisations who provide products or services to this particular market.

Access to 1,000 motorcyclists, from beginners to hard-core enthusiasts - waiting to be asked their thoughts on your products, services or brand. An extremely powerful tool to gain insight into motorbike users!

Our online community has attracted a range of motorcyclists from across the UK and beyond.

What is an online community?

An online community is a group of individuals who are committed to engaging online for the purpose of market research within a secure and controlled online forum.

Online communities are an extremely effective way to obtain intelligence from people who are ready to contribute to questions and discussions that provide powerful insight. Whether you need ideas to help product development or you would like to know their thoughts on a competitor, online communities are an excellent tool to help inform business and marketing strategy and campaigns.

The benefits of our motorcycle online community

  • This is an independent research panel managed by experts in market research
  • Access to a growing number of members - currently over 1,000 - all ready and actively participating in discussions and polls
  • With such a large community, segmentation can be applied such as age ranges, gender, level of expertise, non-customers, location, type of bike and more – this creates more powerful and targeted intelligence for specific profiles
  • A range of methodologies within the panel can be delivered, such as focus group discussions, polling, rating questions, open questions, one to one interviews and more
  • Turnaround is fast as recruitment has already been made and the panel is live 24/7 –meaning insight can be provided much quicker than other methods of research
  • It’s a more cost effective than other methodologies such as telephone and face to face research, due to the time and resource saved on recruitment of respondents
  • Ideal for organisations such as manufacturers, finance, insurance and publications who are targeting this specific audience

You can view our community here or contact us today to find out more.

Sage Bellway

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