Mobile app surveys

Mobile surveys

We are the only research agency that offers ‘as it happens’ Mobile App Surveys.

Taking mobile surveys collection one step further, the Mobile App Survey has been developed to encourage the recipient to respond as they are going through the motions of their experience.

Our new solution means that vital data is collected from the customer as it is happening, rather than ‘after the moment’.

This method of research is new to the market, and provides powerful and robust feedback to allow the organisation to quickly implement changes or to get a real feel for the experience of the customer’s journey.

From where to collect the data to questionnaire design, our expert team work closely with you to ensure that this solution is implemented and rolled out in order to gain the most from it.

We will then translate the findings into an easy to understand report for you to see the results. However we don’t just deliver results, we will go one step further and identify opportunities and supply recommendations based on the outputs of the research.

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Sage Bellway

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