Why companies are benefiting from behavioural research

Find out how research into behaviours can give you a deeper understanding of your existing and potential customers, ultimately providing insight to help shape your offering.

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Why you should understand your organisation’s customer and brand loyalty scores

Understanding loyalty to your brand can add value. Find out more here, or get in touch for an informal chat with a research specialist.

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Engaging with the vulnerable and hard to reach

Are you looking to reach out to audiences where there may be more barriers to engagement? Here we offer guidance to help achieve this effectively, including three key factors to consider. 

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A guide to market research - DIY or outsource to a specialist agency?

Take a look at our comprehensive guide and accompanying infographic.

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Four interesting research solutions

Check out just some of the Explain solutions that are being adopted by research and insight professionals across the UK.

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Measuring customer satisfaction in the domestic energy industry

Everyone knows that they should measure CSAT, but why is this key to an effective customer-led strategy and how can it...

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Research and engagement in the water industry

Some key considerations for improving customer engagement in line with Ofwat's requirements.

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Evaluation and measurement

Some key considerations for effective and robust evaluation of service and models of care.

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NHS Vanguards - a good evaluation checklist

We have developed a number of infographics to help NHS Vanguards on their way of evaluating and measuring the new models of care programme.

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