Significant growth for Explain through innovative online community platform

Significant growth for Explain Market Research through new and innovative research solutions

Originally developed in 2010, Explain’s innovative online community platform underwent an extensive upgrade this summer to better meet the needs of clients and end users. As a result Explain has experienced a substantial increase in uptake for the online platform, with the launch of ten new online communities in the last six months.

Organisations in a range of sectors, including utilities, education, healthcare and manufacturing, have chosen Explain’s innovative platform as it provides a unique and extremely cost-effective method of research and engagement to suit any budget.

An online community in the simplest form is a form of social and digital engagement; they offer a bespoke members-only digital space in which to directly engage ‘in the moment’ with a desired audience – for example, customers, stakeholders, or internal staff. Communities are currently being used to monitor perceptions of customer service, develop new products, and engage with vulnerable and ‘hard to reach’ consumer groups. 

Along with the build of each community, Explain provide an ongoing management and moderation service which sees users encouraged to actively participate in discussion, providing a qualitative two way conversation. Views and opinions are gathered through discussion threads, polls and online surveys, with fresh and relevant content uploaded frequently to ensure high levels of engagement, providing a 360 degree view from members.

Explain’s online communities range in scale and scope, with each community individually designed to deliver the needs of clients. Explain currently host and manage online communities ranging from bespoke projects with 50 members, running for a limited time to deliver immediate insights, to long term strategic models with thousands of members, that will run over a number of years as an engagement tool. As examples, Explain’s clients are using online communities to test marketing campaigns, understand customer priorities, track levels of awareness and to test business plan commitments.

The recently launched Version 3 of the platform offers enhanced design and media capabilities, along with greater usability to improve user experience for members.

Kim Davis, Explain Market Research’s Managing Director commented “Our newest release has stimulated and converted interest from those who see research as an ongoing investment in product and service refinement. Any industry that is serious about customer and stakeholder engagement should consider an online community, as an extremely cost effective way to carry out ongoing research.  It breaks down barriers such as location, accessibility and timings. We are seeing a significant shift towards this type of research, particularly in regulatory environments, to demonstrate consistent engagement, and also in manufacturing for product innovation and development.”

Based in Newcastle upon Tyne, Explain has provided full-service market research solutions to a range of organisations for over two decades, with specialist knowledge and expertise in the utilities, healthcare, education and financial services sectors. Delivering innovative insights is at the forefront of their culture. Explain’s online communities are part of the company’s wider suite of innovative solutions to research and engagement, which also includes mobile app surveys, collecting ‘in the moment’ data and insights.

With a shift towards ongoing and digital research, to demonstrate consistent engagement, Explain continues to work with clients to find solutions to their needs. The new online community platform is yielding results for existing clients and has attracted a number of new clients to Explain, illustrating the company's continued commitment to innovation and growth.

Get in touch with Explain to understand how your organisation will benefit from an online community. 

Sage Bellway

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