Explain launch 'Trust and Confidence' Evaluation Tool

In August Explain Market Research, one of the most successful research companies in the North, developed a new tool that enables private and public sector organisations to measure the levels of ‘Trust and Confidence’ that their customers and wider stakeholders have in their business, products or services. 

Customer score measurements such as C-SAT and NPS are widely used across a range of industries and Explain Market Research has developed a new model to measure and track Trust and Confidence, a much more relevant rating. The launch of our Trust and Confidence  in August will enable clients to measure the opinion of an organisations customers, non-customers and key stakeholders in the brand, product or service.

Kim Davis, Explain's MD tells us:

"We are finding overwhelming evidence that organisations, particularly those who work in a regulated environment, want to understand the Trust and Confidence levels that they have with the people they serve or could serve in the future.

When we choose to select a provider of something vital, such as healthcare, our "Trust and Confidence" will be higher than the ones we discount. So as a leading provider of insight we have identified through our independent research the key factors that influence the overall Trust and Confidence of customers across a range of sectors. We carried out a survey across the UK, asking individuals to rate their providers of water, gas and electricity, financial services and NHS healthcare using these factors.

We are now in the privileged position of owning data which organisations can use to benchmark themselves against the sector norm, and track this on an ongoing basis".

Kim adds;

"We are constantly looking at new and innovative methods that our clients can use to gain insight into their customers and stakeholders thoughts and behaviours so that they can take this exciting tool and become more successful in their business.

Working closely with regulated businesses, we recognise the need for them to understand the Trust and Confidence of their customers, and how they are performing against the competition, so we formed this tool to help them.

In the first instance, Explain will use Trust and Confidence insight across four key sectors:

•             The Water Industry

•             NHS

•             Electricity and Gas

•             Financial Services

However we are planning to roll it out across a number of sectors so that more organisations can benefit from the tool.

"Our teams will work with our clients to find out exactly how they want their data and the benchmark data reported, what factors are key to them and how often they would like it tracked, resulting in a dashboard style report that is bespoke".

Read Explains Trust and Confidence fact sheet and view a sample dashboard report (NB:This is a sample report, demonstrating how a Trust and Confidence dashboard report could look like).







Sage Bellway

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