Explain launch "smart phone in the moment" research

Imagine being able to capture thoughts and experiences from your audience as they move throughout your journey, all via their own smartphone.

Well this is a reality thanks to Explain Market Research's Mobile App Survey solution.

Kim Davis, Explain's Managing Director, tells us;

"Our solution has been purpose built so that we can help our clients engage more effectively with their own target audience. It allows our clients to not only send marketing push notifications to the recipient's mobile phone when they are in a specific location, which is of course an excellent marketing tool, but also to be able to capture data, meaning a two way interaction providing extremely powerful insight."

Utilising the technology of "Beacons", which has been used in marketing in recent years particularly in the retail sector, Explain's Mobile App Surveys are an excellent way to collect insightful customer experience as it is happening.

Kim adds;

"Our innovative solution is an excellent research tool for organisations that want to understand what their target audience are thinking at a particular moment in their journey.

We do this by placing small devices known as 'Beacons' at key points at a venue, indoors or outdoors, so that when someone stands within a certain distance of the Beacon and it detects our clients app on their smartphone, a notification is pushed to it.

This notification can be in the form of text, link or image - however our software goes a few steps further - it also sends surveys, meaning the recipient is encouraged to engage and then respond. Instead of one way, this is a two way interaction, providing extremely valuable data for our clients."

As the recipient needs the client's app on their phone, this specific research solution lends itself to sectors that have an audience that have already downloaded the clients app on their smartphone such as a bank or education establishment or who have a purpose to download the app when arriving at the destination, such as an event, tourist or retail outlet.

Find out more by contacting Explain Market Research today, or view the Mobile App Survey factsheet.

Sage Bellway

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