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Engagement and research for STPs

Find out how Explain Market Research can provide expert support to help your NHS organisation to engage and research effectively to reach the goals of the Sustainability and Transformation Plans

In order to achieve person centered care and support, patients, public and health professionals must sit at the centre of Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) enabling co-creation to identify solutions.

This resource covers each of three gaps to be addressed by the STPs and provides advice and recommendations as to appropriate patient and staff involvemend based on actual case studies that we have already delivered across the NHS.

The NHS Five Year Forward View sets out a clear direction for the NHS – showing why change is needed and what it will look like. Leading on from this, every health and social care system in the country is working together to produce a multi-year STP showing how local services will evolve and become sustainable over the next five years - ultimately delivering the vision of the Five Year Forward View.

These are place based plans based on the needs of the population focussed on achieving:

  • Better health and well being
  • Improved quality of care
  • Stronger NHS finance and efficiency

All plans must address the following:

  • Local cross partner prevention plans
  • Increase investment in the out-of-hospital sector
  • Set out local ambitions to deliver seven day services
  • Support the accelerated delivery of new care models
  • Set out collective action on quality improvement
  • Set out collective action on key national clinical priorities
  • Ensuring these and other changes return local systems to financial balance
  • Be underpinned by a strategic commitment to engagement at all levels, informed by the ‘six principles’

The six principles of engagement, developed by the People and the Communities Board, are shown below and emphasise the need for care to be person centered:

  • Care and support is person-centred: personalised, coordinated, and empowering
  • Services are created in partnership with citizens and communities
  • Focus is on equality and narrowing inequalities
  • Carers are identified, supported and involved
  • Voluntary, community & social enterprise and housing sectors are involved as key partners and enablers
  • Volunteering and social action are recognised as key enabler

Simply click on each of the three links below to learn more about how STPs can be supported through engagement and research:

  1. How will you close the health and wellbeing gap?
  2. How will you drive transformation to close the care and quality gap?
  3. How will you close the finance and efficiency gap?

Follow the relevant links above to learn more, view our infographic or contact us today to find out more about designing the engagement programme for your area.

Sage Bellway

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