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The customer

Newcastle Building Society (NBS) is the eighth largest building society in the UK. Based in the North East of England, it has branches across Tyne & Wear, Northumberland, Durham, Teesside, Cumbria and the Borders servicing customers across the UK and Gibraltar.

The need To ensure they maintain their foothold in the market place, NBS recognised the need for market research as it provides them with extremely valuable insight of both none and existing customers.

The organisation requires consistent feedback on current customer’s levels of satisfaction, as well as needing to understand the perception of their brand from customers and the general public.

NBS also had a requirement to understand the rationale of choices that people make when saving, borrowing and seeking advice with banks or building societies.

The outcome

Explain Market Research were commissioned by NBS in 2006 and have continued to provide a wide variety of market research solutions to the organisation since.

Working closely with NBS for several years Explain have delivered:

  • Customer tracking that involves 1,100 interviews every six months and robust analysis and reporting that helps the building society to pinpoint areas for improvement by customer and product type
  • Robust analysis designed to measure consumer perceptions of the NBS brand, amongst customers and non customers, to better understand the reasons by their choices
  • A number of focus groups to help NBS pre-test a number of new concepts and brand design options to ensure that they would 'get it right' for their target market
  • Further qualitative work that has informed how the current visual identity can be shaped and evolved in line with current and non customer's tastes and preferences

Explain Market Research continue to deliver valuable insight that arms NBS with the information that they need to gain the best return from their customer and marketing strategies.

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