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Find out about the sensitive research we conducted to understand alcohol consumption in County Durham...

The customer

Durham County Council's public health team commissioned Explain to conduct an extremely sensitive research project with males in County Durham aged between 25 to 44 drinking at 'increasing' risk levels. The key aim of the research was to understand behaviour and motivations for future strategies to tackle unhealthy alcohol consumption amongst this group.

The outcome

We adopted a social marketing approach to 'scope' the target audience's behaviour enabling the identification of perceptions of respondents' own behaviour (did they feel they were drinking too much?), motivations behind drinking, barriers to reducing alcohol consumption and potential incentives, hooks or interventions that may encourage positive behaviour change.

In order to allow rich feedback to be captured in a mutually supportive environment a qualitative approach was adopted, specifically focus groups. The research strategy split the target audience into different life stages in terms of their age and also living situation, whether they were single or living with a partner and/or children.

Using the insight we were able to conduct behavioural segmentation on the target audience producing pen portraits of the different profiles of men who sat within the 'increasing' risk drinkers category. Pen portraits were largely based around motivations for drinking and were supported with recommendations as to change the behaviour of each group in terms of appropriate messaging, hooks and channels.

The client was therefore armed with deep insight, as well as marketing tactics to tackle this issue in County Durham.

Sage Bellway

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