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Single patient portal research

The client

In January 2015, the NHS invited organisations and partnerships to apply to become ‘vanguard’ sites for the new care models programme, supporting improvement and integration of services and the Five Year Forward View.

The Dudley CCG are part of a Multispeciality Community Provider (MCP) vanguard to tackle issues relating to people living longer with more complex health issues.

The need

There was a need to determine where public, stakeholder and employee perception is now so that this can be measured against, and to help identify challenges and barriers to change. In addition perceptions of a proposed new model of care using a single point of access approach required exploration amongst the public, patients, stakeholders and staff.

Explain was therefore commissioned to conduct a number of strands of perceptions research around the new models of care.

The outcome

We were commissioned to complete four strands of research. The public element is conducted via a telephone survey delivered from our in-house telephone research centre and evaluates perceptions of NHS services in the Dudley area as well as benchmarking trust and confidence in the various NHS organisations.

In order to provide greater depth to some of the findings of the quantitative research, focus groups were also conducted. These groups explored overall perceptions in further detail whilst specifically focussing on perceptions of the new proposed model of care.

The third strand of research was in-depth telephone interviews with commissioners such as GPs and with wider stakeholders e.g. MPs, councillors, etc. We were provided with a database by the CCG and contacted respondents to arrange times for the in-depths to take place.

Finally, the last strand of the research explores employee perceptions with a focus on trust and confidence. In addition, the online survey offers employees the opportunity to help shape the new models of care providing suggestions and identifying possible barriers.

The outcome of all four strands of the research is in-depth insight to help shape new models of care in Dudley.

Sage Bellway

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