Which market research methods should you be using?

Market research methods

Which market research methods should you be using?

Choosing the right market research method is vital to the success of an insight project.

After all, the outputs of the research will inform company strategy and may also be part of a performance indicator.

Therefore knowing which methodologies to choose, what sample to use, what questions should be asked and how this should be captured, analysed and reported are all important factors when devising a market research project.

There are plenty of free tools on the market, such as Survey Monkey, which are a great way to save on research costs. However if you are needing robust feedback this is perhaps not the best option on its own due to the responsibility being on the respondent to complete i.e. sample can be skewed, especially if measuring satisfaction levels (the delighted or very unsatisfied have a higher tendency to complete).

Survey structure and the type of questions (whether they are open or closed) need to be considered - do they meet your overall objectives and will they answer the questions you need to be answered.

The type of people you need to gain insight from is also an important consideration. For example, engagement with  people who are 'hard to reach' or business stakeholders usually require a different approach in methodology and in approach.

At Explain Market Research, we are experts at considering the right market research methods to deliver outputs that are accurate and reliable for our clients to utilise to inform their strategies. We have a mix of innovative and traditional market research solutions, always ensuring we are delivering what is right for our customers.

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