Market research explained

Market research explained

What is market research? Why is it so important to get it right?

Market research is the act of gathering data and information and analysing this to gain an understanding of a specific environment to inform commercial decisions.

Market research can be conducted utilising various methods and approaches - which is heavily dependent on the type of information needed, the budget available and the audiences concerned.

Understanding your market and having insight into the people you serve, prospective buyers and wider stakeholders is of extremely high importance to organisations that are looking to outperform their competition and operate efficiently.

Market research is not seen as a luxury by high performing businesses, but a necessity for them to maintain a competitive edge.

At Explain Market Research, we are experts at understanding what you are trying to achieve and then designing and delivering the market research solution that is needed to meet your objectives and budget.

We work with a range of people including marketing, research, insight and customer professionals to help them become more successful in their roles by delivering accurate and informative insight that they can trust.


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