Our people are what set us apart from other market research providers

About us

Providing market research across three decades to customers with whom we have longstanding relationships, demonstrates our expertise and the excellent quality service that we provide.

Our people are what set us apart from other market research providers. 

We have specialists across a range of disciplines within marketing and research who enable us to provide a well rounded market research project to an extremely high quality - from design all the way through to output and then into actions.

With an exceptionally strong team of moderators, researchers, analysts and marketing specialists we work with you to ensure that you gain the insight you need to keep your organisation informed - resulting in a positive impact. 

Our clients trust us to take their briefs and to work out the best methodology – using a range of qualitative and quantitative techniques – to gain the insight into a range of stakeholders, including customers, prospective customers and employees. They understand that what we provide will facilitate and inform new ideas that are designed to enhance the performance of the business.

In addition to our strong team of 20 specialists,  we are proud to own a dedicated call centre with over 45 staff which is equipped with the latest technology and state-of-the-art (recording) call monitoring and training.

For all these reasons, we are the No 1 choice – ‘the best in class’ – for anyone who is serious about understanding, and engaging with, their customers.

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Sage Bellway

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